Warfare ... justified?
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Noam Chomsky gives a lecture at West Point on just war theory.

The SEP article on war is helpful background, especially the section on just war theory. You might also want to look at the entries for moral psychology and John Rawls, since both are mentioned in Chomsky's lecture.
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Don't you mean "WORFare...justified?"


(But seriously, what's with all the Worfing. Next there'll be a post a bout Warfarin and a dwarf.)
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When Bush 41 invaded Panama, the operation was named to reflect the motivation behind it - "just 'cause". This is the same thing - it's just war, and the verbal <shrug> is implied.
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This lecture was given 8 years ago in 2006.
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I am watching The Wire (again), and when I read in the SEP entry that John Rawls (the philosopher) was born in Baltimore, I wondered if Bill Rawls (the character) was named after him. A little bit of searching took me to this essay, which is perhaps a lighter introduction to John Rawls than is the Stanford write-up.

I think John Rawls is a good guy, because he helps me (an atheist) answer the question of where unalienable rights come from if they are not "endowed by our creator".
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*shrugs. It's just war.
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But the kaiser is stomping on children!
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This lecture was given 8 years ago in 2006.

But it was only posted last year ... and it was the best thing I could think of that sounded like "Worf." ;)
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Thucydides, not Tacitcus said "The strong do what they can . . ."
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