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Postal History Corner: Canadian Postal and Philatelic History is chock full of fascinating information and high quality images and has been doing so for four years.

A tiny smattering of the vast contents:
A glimpse into the design process of the George VI "Mufti" issue.
An illustration of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 through two letters.
Military mail during WW I.
Postmarks before stamps.
Lovely wildlife stationery.
Delayed mail including letters from fires and plane crashes.

Bonus! Great Britain Philately is a spinoff blog which "deals with the George VI period, 1937- 1953. Traditional postal history topics such as rates and mail handling are featured. As well, philatelic subjects are included. Readers need not be collectors of stamps or covers to enjoy the postings."
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Surprisingly interesting! I've never given much thought to philately before, but these are fascinating documents that are literally stamped and inscribed with history.
posted by sudasana at 6:07 AM on March 10, 2014

That Labatt's Streamliner!
posted by Thorzdad at 9:48 AM on March 10, 2014

The envelopes and addresses are pure nirvana to an imagino-holic like me.
posted by bc_fred at 10:59 AM on March 10, 2014

Wow, this Japanese stamp looks so steampunk, all the more because I can't make out what that woman is holding.
posted by of strange foe at 11:40 AM on March 10, 2014

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