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After Action Report. A U.S. 'mine-resistant ambush protected' vehicle (MRAP) hits an IED and is ambushed in Iraq. The soldiers return fire, killing a young teenage boy in front of his family. One soldier takes responsibility for the shooting, so his friend won't have to.

An excerpt from the book Redeployment by U.S. Marine Corps veteran Phil Klay, who served in Iraq.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: You know, maybe just try this again another day with the framing actually being clear that what sounds like a clinical description of a non-fiction thing is actually a summary of a work of fiction. -- cortex

(N.b.: this is a short story, and labeled as "fiction" on the web site, as opposed to a true story of specific events. Just pointing that out.)
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Thanks. I should have mentioned it. Added a "fiction" tag.
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Does this mean we're going to see a wave of largely self pitying Iraq War fiction like we saw after the War on Vietnam?
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Wait what? Oops this is fiction? Shouldn't that be included in the description above the fold?
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