"Mortal Combat. Same floor, two doors down, talk to Vern."
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Pete Holmes, who was previously highlighted here for his "Ex-Men" sketches, has decided that the one-on-one-interview-with-pop-culture-characters format really works for him, and so we now have "Street Fighter Red Tape" with Ryu, Vega and Chun-Li.

Incidentally, that is Mark-Paul Gosselaar from "Saved By The Bell" as Ryu. Also, the guy who played Vega is Thomas Middleditch, who memorably played Gambit in the previous "Ex-Men" sketches. He also happened to be the poor bastard who owned a goldfish in "Wolf of Wall Street" and will be starring in Mike Judge's new sitcom "Silicon Valley"
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I heart Pete holmes
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ME TOO *laughs like a maniac*
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And the lady playing Chun-Li is Lilan Bowden. I've no idea who she is or what else there is to add... but you named the other two and she gave the best performance imho... so yay... Go Lilian.

Are all the American networks using YouTube as part of their marketing strategy now? I don't live in America but somehow seem to constantly run into these clips, and it's a new thing. I've seen more of the Tonight Show since Jimmy Fallon took over (how do I even know that happened?!?!) than during the entire Leno run(s).

When I say "constantly run into these clips" ... I guess that happens because they're all such superb quality that they go insta-viral. Not because they have a hype machine behind them. Not that at all.
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Yeah, I felt weird omitting Lila Bowden, but I couldn't think of how to highlight her. For what it's worth, it appears she has done a number of Asylum films, and those folks need all the good acting talent they can get.
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The absolutely have a hype machine behind them, but an easy way to ignore that is the ones that come at you from two or three different directions are probably pretty damned good.

This hype machine makes better stuff than 4chan, then reddit, then 9GAG. The world's changing, laugh where you can.
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It's "TATSUMAKI SENPUU KYAKU" pronounced "Edin-burra."
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His bit about video game characters at the doctor from his podcast is hilarious.

"These numbers are a bit high. Tell me about your diet."
"Well, you know, I eat a lot of turkey legs, soda, chips, hotdogs... mostly what I find kicking over trash barrels on the street."
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I don't know who this Thomas Middleditch is, but he is hilarious. Thanks for this.
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So, this link lives in the "rejuvenile" conversation going on over on that other thread, right?
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Hey butterstick -- Middleditch is one of my favorite UCB improvisers, he's worth checking out live if you ever get the chance. He's going to be on that HBO show Sillicon Valley, too.
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Yeah, rumors from sxsw are that Silicon Valley is gonna be Middleditch's big breakout.
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Pete Holmes is such a lovable goofball.
(If you haven't already, check out his great You Made It Weird podcast)
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Kumail Nanjiani as Dhalsim!
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