Beneath our feet
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Tiny Worlds: a series of films about tiny machines in the city like a tiny bulldozer, a tiny logging truck, and a tiny submarine.
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That logging truck had some perspective issues. The arm seems to be well short of the match before it had picked it up. I watched it a few times and it just.... doesn't look right.
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Aww, I love these!
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Brockles: I see what you mean but I think the logging arm extends itself to reach the stick. See the sections of the arm and how they lengthen and shorten a bit, quickly, once the arm is horizontal.
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Fee fi fo fum, I smell the violation of civil liberties! Your Honor, I'm from a tiny person's advocacy group, and I have here in my hand a motion to dismiss! These little men were never read their giant rights and are therefore, free fi to fo home.
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More!...want more!
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Greatness! I thought it was going to be something like this.

I love tiny things.
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The sub needed vertical launch tubes or a proper torpedo door. Oh who am I kidding? Awesome stuff.
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The people who made it have a VFX Reel. I was cheering for the products in it, even though I don't know what most of them were. If they ever play Leni Riefenstahl to a future Hitler we're basically screwed.
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