I once got Happy New Yeared in March!
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Kevin Pollak interviews Larry David on Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show. [1:37:15]

They begin with a Seinfeld-esque discussion of "Happy New Year" etiquette, and then Kevin gets Larry's thoughts on Jerry Seinfeld's recent Reddit AMA.

The interview proper then gets underway, covering career-spanning reflections and anecodtes, with some Curb-esque hypotheticals thrown in for good measure.

Larry's synopsis: "He's asked me stuff that nobody's ever asked me before."

An entertaining and fascinating insight into Larry David's life.
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This show was one of his best. KPCS, along with Marc Maron, actually turned me off Letterman after 30 years of faithful viewing. Listening to funny and interesting people talk about their careers for 90 minutes straight is infinitely more entertaining than 12 minutes of movie promotion banter. I can't stand network talk shows any more.
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I used to be a big fan of the KPCS, but a couple years ago he changed the model and got rid of the full audio feeds and you had to buy them individually. Did that change again? I'm impressed he put up an entire lengthy interview for free on YouTube, is this a normal thing they do now? If so, I'll start following his show as an audio podcast again.

I love Maron and Kevin Pollak's interview shows because they dive so deep. I think Maron is better at going deep after the first 15min or so, Kevin Pollak always seemed too happy to do impressions for the first hour and just the last 20-30min of each interview covered stuff I'd never heard the interviewee comedian talk about.
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mathowie, from what I can tell, all episodes of KPCS can be streamed for free on Hulu, though there are commercials. All the episodes also are on YouTube, though there's sometimes a day or two of lag before new ones are posted.

Pollak actually is a good interviewer, though a bit too fawning at times with certain people. I've found that my enjoyment of KPCS correlates strongly to my interest in the guest; if it's someone whose work I enjoy, it can be fun even to hear them just sort of mucking about for a couple of hours, and Pollak does get off on some interesting tangents. If not, then more isn't better.

My one real gripe about KPCS is that I wish Pollak would interview more women and more people of color.

Given the type of show it is, it's somewhat understandable that he'd tend to gravitate toward people like himself (white, middle-aged men who do comedy and/or character acting), but there are plenty of humans in comedy and character-acting who *aren't* middle-aged white guys, and I think I'd enjoy seeing/hearing him talk with more of them.
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mathowie the podcast switched back to being free fairly soon after the (disastrously managed) attempt to move to a pay mode. Now Pollak does 'and now a word from our sponsors' ads within the show, and gets some funding from the Hulu deal too.
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Kevin Pollak's Chat Show is streamed live on YouTube now. Free. There is an audio-only feed and a video one.

The paid debacle was a mess, but stopped within a few weeks. It never worked right. That was years ago. You're missing out!
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