In West Philadelphia, Born and Raised
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W.B. Saul High School, the largest agricultural farm school in the United States, is part of the Philadelphia School District. This spring, the animal husbandry majors are tending to their latest additions. For your midweek enjoyment - W.B Saul presents their live streaming of their little lambs, appropriately called Ewe Tube
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Oh great, the resurgence of online gamboling.
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For a second I was shocked that there was something like this in West Philly and that I had never heard of it. Northwest is much different from West Philly. But other than that, I applaud the pun.
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The first sentence of this FPP was sufficiently eye-opening all by itself. I applaud the addition of lambies.
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Once I stop chuckling about "Ewe Tube", I'll actually click on the link... might be a while...
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Perhaps this calls for the drinking of lambic and composition in iambic.
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I'll lambast your metered verse Genji
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Dammit, it's 11:39 in the morning. Why are they just sitting around?

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Gamboling is a lot to demand from a sheep as pregnant as that one seems to be!
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At the moment, there are no lambs on Ewe Tube, there are only high schools awkwardly flirting by pushing each other. It's a different sort of adorable.
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...this kid is going to hurt himself playing with shears aaaaaany minute now. He's already used them in a little sword fight with a friend and dropped them in the hay.
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I once had the pleasure of meeting a bottle-fed lamb. After it had eaten and was running about, I thought "Ah -- gamboling! THAT'S what it means."

And I was very happy.
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At one point back in the 1980s, New Zealand lamb was very cheap. I used to buy it and do shush kabobs in my fireplace for myself and the kids. And make flat bread to go with it.
Then we went to the fair, and my then little daughter met her first adorable baby lamb. Even at 31/2 she could think!
She asked me if lamb-chops came from lamb.
I do not believe in lying to children. So I told the truth.
'Well I'm never eating them again!' Major inconvenience. At that time it was cheaper than beef. I even said, aren't calves cute too? 'Not cute like baby little lambs!'
Baby lambs are adorable! :)
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