Melissa May-Dunn is a performance poet.
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Melissa May-Dunn is a performance poet who dropped out of divinity school. A successful gofundme campaign sent her to this year's Women of the World Poetry Slam, where she placed seventh out of 72 with a tribute to a Disney villain, Dear Ursula.

This is not her only poem about her experience as a larger woman. Fat Girl, A Letter to Fat Shaming Week, and Symphony.
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That Ursula piece brought actual tears to my eyes. Powerful, great art.
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Really, really great. I love Melissa May's work but hadn't seen this. Thank you.
posted by fight or flight at 9:30 AM on April 10, 2014

Hell yes! It took all my effort not to stand up and shout in my cube. YES!!
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Beautiful. Link to a pic of the blade-thin Ursula (who looks more like zombie Bette Davis than she does Divine, the original inspiration).
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That skinny Ursula looks like Cruella de Vil. Another great villain - but not the same character.

"Part of Your World" I can't sing without batting my eyelashes ironically. It is a silly naive song. "Poor Unfortunate Souls," now there's a song you can chew on.

This was good.
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