Ottomans not included
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For those of you who prefer your science isolated with a side of moody furniture, I give you Lonely Chairs at CERN.
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You know, not every chair wants to be around other chairs all of the time. Introverted chairs are perfectly happy sitting in a corner of a basement where it's nice and quiet.
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I think these chairs are guessers.
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I have absolutely no idea why I loved this, but I did, so thanks for posting.
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We need mefi's own physicsmatt to come in and explain this.
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All chairs' miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone. - chaise pascal
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I assume the site's author just snapped these photos while searching for the Higgs Futon.
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"What would chairs look like if our knees bent the other way?" - Steven Wright

which is what I always think when I see those chairs like the one between the data center rows...
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Yes it is always 1974 there.

I realized that the random chairs are next to the "Radiation: Limited Stay" signs.
This makes sense.
You've overstayed your welcome. When the Radiation Vapors hit you, and you start to feel faint, you need that random chair, aka: fainting couch. "Oh my the vapors got me!"
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This is exactly what I wanted it to be after the description.
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Is there a more welcoming sight next to a "Radiation: Limited Stay" sign than a 30-year-old chair?
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This reminded me of the Portal / Half-Life games. In Portal, you can glimpse chairs behind the observation windows in the test chambers. The glass is frosted, but you can see that the chairs are empty, some apparently having been tossed aside in a hurry.

I Half-Life 2, at one point you pass a pier with an empty wheelchair on the end. Adds a little extra bleakness to an already bleak setting.
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And so the World Wide Web comes full circle.
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This is what I imagine the first 35 minutes of a Blake's 7 film will look like.
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Why so many s-type chairs? They really are the worst type of chair.
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Am I the only one to have Portal 2 flashbacks?

(On review: Nope.)
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Some of those portal/half-life looking scenes should be used for a postapocalyptic sequel to the movie filmed on-site at the LHC a while back, Decay
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Strikingly reminiscent of The Garden Chair of Solitude. Warning, FB link.
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