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Murder Dog Magazine has served as the voice of underground hip hop for over twenty years, printing unfiltered interviews with up-and-coming artists from regional scenes on their way to national prominence. The magazine's founder and editor, the Sri Lankan immigrant Black Dog Bone, shares the improbable story of how a boy from the jungle championed the voice of inner city youth in the U.S.
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Great story and totally counterintuitive to the mainstream "inner city youth" dogma of racism and poverty holding you back. Obviously the guy has a load of talent and he was lucky enough to meet some nice people along the way who helped him out, but he totally bootstrapped his own success - like a lot of the artists he features in his magazine. Talent, hard work, taking chances, and a little luck is how most people achieve success. Even a "boy from the jungle."

Because that’s not the story I had heard, I heard another story. Even in Iowa I heard another story. But I never saw racism in Holland or in Iowa. Racism happens when you are always confronted with people, but these guys live in their Iowa world. They’d never come across a black guy or any [minorities] so when they saw they were like, “We’ve never met a Sri Lankan before!” They were just so happy. And I was happy too. They were helping me like crazy. Everyone was helping me, otherwise I would’ve not survived. I came here with no money, people took care of me.
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