"I'm on my feet like Tough Actin'® Tinactin®."
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How many rappers have name-checked Tough Actin' Tinactin brand anti-fungal skin products? More than you would think.
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Considering the number I'd think would be none: true.
Hip-hop (or rap) isn't my thing, but I am ever so pleased to see someone investigating this.

It just seems like a fun thing to do.
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"Tough acting" isn't a compliment.
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This seems like a good time to mention one of my favorite videos ever: Rappers Love Jewish Lawyers
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You give your product, whatever product, a tough-sounding rhyming trademark phrase, and I'd assume you'll get name-checked by half the rappers today. More so if you can come up with a brand name that rhymes with 'motherf***er' or 'n***er'.
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Cock ... Glock : $500
Henessey ... Enemy : $700
Actin ... Tinactin : $2000
Truvada ... lambada : $15000
Fat ... Orlistat : $25000
Sixteen ... Vincristine : $30000
Lab ... Palivuzumab : $90000
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This bodes well for my new blinged-up hairpiece store: Bigga Wiggas
And my chain of grilled fast food stores: Pukka Ducka. It's off the chain.

(Generally, I thought various beverages, cars and weapons and clothing brands were favoured by our wandering minstrels of the street, but anti-fungal treatments? Nope. Never considered it).
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Considering that P Funk was asking is 7 up all the way back in 1976, the idea that rap makes use of all sorts advertising catch phrases, even ones as naff as this, shouldn't come as a surprise.
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I guess antifungal creams would be a natural fit with sneaker culture. If your lifestyle involves wearing a pair of nonbreathable plastic dunks at all times, you'd want to invest in a way to keep your feet from getting too gross.
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Well it's surprising to me!
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Went to the Rite Aid
to pick up some Calamine
Cause out in the woods
no mosquito's a pal of mine.

And while I was shopping,
a whole different itch
Told the whole world I
should have used Preparation H

Now I'm Campho-Pheniqueing
I'm Vagisil seeking
I'm Zonaloning, Unisoming
Proctofoaming, Tronolaning
I'm the king and the queen
Of everything Unguentine
Cause the devil's Old Scratch,
But the bitch is the itch.
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I'm not so sure that I buy the idea that rappers lifted that pun from older rappers. If MetaFilter has taught me anything about the human mind, it's that many think of puns constantly. We've witnessed races to be the first to make puns that are a lot less obvious than "tough acting like Tinactin." I think most of these examples are probably by people who thought of it themselves. Same goes for the Keith Sweat pun that was covered in a previous entry. However, it's clear that the people who don't actually understand how the pun works are stealing it and deserve condemnation, but I think that being reduced to stealing puns you don't understand is a harsh enough fate and one I wouldn't wish on my worst enemies.
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But every song's like foot cream, powder, spray to help the scratchin'
Lamisil, Lotrimin, tough-actin' Tinactin
We don't care, we don't need antifungal creams

But everybody's like cornstarch, moleskin, odor-eating insoles
Tea tree, bleached socks, surgery for ingrowns
We don't care, we practice good foot hygiene
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"Tough acting" isn't a compliment.

I knew before I even checked your profile that were not American.
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If MetaFilter has taught me anything about the human mind, it's that many think of puns constantly.

Well, but if MetaFilter has taught me anything about hip-hop (also: listening to hip-hop for more than like a minute), it's that references to older songs are a huge part of the idiom. I think TFA takes this as a given.
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TIL that someone rhymed "Tinactin" with "Kraken", which may very well be the wind beneath my wings today.
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Does nobody have sympathy for the epidemic of jock itch that threatens to wipe out a generation of our nation's rappers?
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I'm not surprised at all. But this is still neat to read.
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"Tough acting" isn't a compliment.

Um... there's a WWII Half Track ouside filled with the likes of Lee Marvin, Charles Bronson, John Cassavetes, Tele Savalas, Burt Lancaster, Robert Mitchum, Jim Brown, and a bunch more, and.. oh, shit... it looks like Danny Trejo is driving. They've already well into their second case of whiskey, and would like to have a word with you.
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Rappers Love Jewish Lawyers

S'all good, man
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Brilliant, iotic.
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Thanks, though I just happened to know that's the origin of the name
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It could easily be an insult though...I thought you could interpret "tough acting" two ways...one, like "straight acting", just presenting as tough, and the other as genuinely tough...the referenced lyrics seem to be split both ways, too.
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Damn irony gets you every time... I defend the honor of people who may or may not have stolen jokes, and later that same day some motherfucker blatantly steals a joke I made... and gets it slightly wrong!

I reconsider my stance, burning's not severe enough for jokestealers.
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Hip-hop's not my favorite genre; I prefer that shweet Scholl music.
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