Steady Hands
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Royal Enfield motorcycles are built in Chennai, where they are painted by by hand.
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Now that's what YouTube is for.
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That's craft right there.
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If my hands were that steady I probably wouldn't hate inking comics with a brush so much.

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OMG He's doing it even with the handwaving narrator in face...

Bullet meri jaan. Bullet meri jaan.
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This must have been filmed on casual Friday since he isn't wearing a tie.
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I can watch pinstriping all day.
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The Bullet is such a beautiful bike - the US import models were at one point "re-engineered" (they updated some of the powertrain and suspension components with modern equivalents for safety and reliability reasons), but I believe the new ones are straight from India with significant mechanical improvements across their product line - in any event, the gorgeous sheet metal remains the same.

Very reasonably priced, too - it's not going to shutdown a Ducati or eat highway miles like a Harley, but for a lovely afternoon puttering about the countryside at a reasonable pace, it's hard to beat.
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I used to compare it to sitting on a moving sofa.
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Another great look at it here (including side panel striping) from 2:50 to 4:50
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When I did the tank on my BSA, I used a tool called the Beugler, and I still did a craptastic job. I am deeply envious of anyone with any painting skills whatsoever, and hand pin-striping is just so satisfying to watch.
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I wonder how often he dreams about pinstriping.
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I considered getting a Royal Enfield classic, but the tricky part would have been getting the appropriate riding gear.
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Wow, this requires a lot of patience.
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this fills me with both a cringing feeling suspense lest he make a mistake and awe-tinged envy. i've used a paint brush every day for the past 26 years and i can't even begin to do that.
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These are so pretty.
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