Open your mind or YCKMA!
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“Beyond Appearances – The diversity song” is a series of portraits of supposed outcasts, and aligns wrong first impressions – because you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Open your mind or… you can kiss my ass! (NSFW, SLYT]

As a follow-up to its award-winning "The Lover” spot for, which helped change the way we view sex, BEING France has created this new two and a half minute advertising film, directed by Pierre Edelmann for the Asta Philpot Foundation. The commercial for the non-profit organization aims at helping every human being be themselves – regardless of skin color, size, weight, sexual preference or any other closed-minded stereotype. And if you don’t like that, YCKMA.

The catchy original score, composed by famous singer Ben Von Looy, of the Flemish band Das Pop, is a reference to typical cool, Rat Pack crooners melodies, with lyrics written by BEING France. The haunting melody was composed to suggest to listeners that the singer himself is a “cliché”, a handsome guy with a soft, soothing voice, only to discover at the end that it is Asta Philpot singing, who you didn’t picture as your obvious crooner. Asta Philpot is affected with arthrogryposis, which impairs his physical ability of movement.

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Well said! Really great video against racism
posted by airgus at 3:17 AM on April 30, 2014

Asta Philpot seems to be a pretty amazing person....
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The two videos linked are great.

From the 'about' section of the Foundation website:

On the way home [from the hospital] they drove over McArthur causeway and they noticed a large banner over the motor-way which said in clear letters “Miami Welcomes Asta.” Brenda couldn’t believe it and was convinced that somebody ‘up there’ was giving her courage and hope. Dermot’s sister went back and took a photo of the banner, which they have to this day. They found out later that ‘Asta’ stood for the ‘American Society of Travel Agents’.

You take your coincidences where you can find them, and they are no less meaningful for it.
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Helped change the way who, precisely, views sex?
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Helped change the way who, precisely, views sex?

People who are uncomfortable with the idea that everyone has sex, even those physical challenges or people with bodies that don't look like their own. If that's not you, the great!
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