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Kiwi EH Calling all NZers .. Lord of the Rings fans may enjoy it too.
posted by johnny7 (20 comments total)
very funny - reminds me of what my Aussie friends used to say - "New Zealand is nice, but not for the whole weekend"
posted by thatwhichfalls at 3:31 PM on January 15, 2002

I saw LOTR last night. It was about an hour too long for its own good. The production was brilliant, but the character development was a bit weak. I couldn't identify with any of them. Plus the ending was predictable!

No, I'd never read any of the books.
posted by skinsuit at 3:39 PM on January 15, 2002

Imagine Bikini Atoll advertising itself as a nuclear superpower and you can see what I mean.

posted by msacheson at 3:44 PM on January 15, 2002

He's absolutely right, of course. And that's why when I visit Sydney, (or whatever's left after the lastest fires), I revel in the company of intelligent sheep-herding pigs, as they race the transvestites down to the Bondi All-Comers Ballroom dancing championships.

And of course, Peter Jackson did want to film in Australia, but seeing what happened to the last director to give an honest picture of Australian life, he was forced to come home.

Intelligent sheep-herding pigs? So that's where the SMH gets its columnists.
posted by i_am_joe's_spleen at 4:00 PM on January 15, 2002

Then again, you have to admit that based on the evidence, Aussies make the best trolls.

posted by i_am_joe's_spleen at 4:16 PM on January 15, 2002

I like this bit:
What is it with the Kiwis and The Lord of the Rings?
The way they're carrying on you'd thing they'd split the atom.

We did... Ahahaha stupid Aussies!

But besides that it's an amusing article.

On a related note, I saw Craig Parker who played Haldir (hence forth to be known as 'The gay elf') at the local asian foodhall last night. He shaved my head at a charity thing a few years ago, and then preceeded to spend the next 10 minutes rubbing it for the TV cameras.
posted by sycophant at 4:25 PM on January 15, 2002

Oh, and I do realise that whole split the atom thing is probably a deliberate joke by the SMH, but still...
posted by sycophant at 4:26 PM on January 15, 2002

...and furthermore, our phallus is bigger than theirs

(I think I am about done now)
posted by sycophant at 4:34 PM on January 15, 2002

You have to remember New Zealand is the only country in the world where you could film Xena without building any sets.

hah. love that bit.

oh and dylan, that foodhall wouldn't have been the mercury plaza just off k would it?

i thought craig made a terrible elf, and marton too. but that nz guy who played the lead orc was fucking brilliant.
posted by titboy at 5:20 PM on January 15, 2002

With the means I'd move the NZ right now.
posted by Nothing at 5:38 PM on January 15, 2002

To, I'd move to NZ. Though I think I could stand by the first statement as well.
posted by Nothing at 5:39 PM on January 15, 2002

Oh Joe venting your spleen . how appropriate .
Don't u heart the injured Kiwi . So balanced (chips on both shoulders).
The author is only a reader not a vengeful hack
posted by johnny7 at 5:54 PM on January 15, 2002

You'd need a lever and a place to stand.
posted by kindall at 5:55 PM on January 15, 2002

Of course it was Mercury plaza Matt... I was waiting for my delicious Mae Goreng to be prepared... The Chicken Pad Thai is also very good...
posted by sycophant at 5:58 PM on January 15, 2002

Yeah, the NZers playing elves were bloody dreadful. Interesting to see some publicity photographs with them in them (as well as a scene in the trailer!) that weren't in the final film. Were their performances bad enough to be left on the cutting-room floor?
posted by John Shaft at 7:40 PM on January 15, 2002

What's all this? The NZ stockmarket was the best performer in the world in 2001.

(though I agree about Christchurch)
posted by dydecker at 9:06 PM on January 15, 2002

The aussie wanker hasn't even seen the movie. Probably because he has the attention span of a goldfush.

They did a good job of disguising the Skytower as Isengard, though. Nice.
posted by arzakh at 3:37 AM on January 16, 2002

Without looking at the URL before I read it, I read about 3 paragraphs and thought, "Is this guy Australian?".

There are some things I would like to point out:
a) The "fush un chips" thing is misleading. I've had Americans who think they know stuff about New Zealand ask me to say it before, and they are just disappointed. I don't say "fush un chips", probably like the majority of New Zealand. The farmers aren't everyone, you know.
b) Craig Parker is a love. Ever since he was that social worker on Shortland St, I've had a bit of a crush on him. He might be a bit faggy, but that's okay.
c) Unrelated, well only somewhat, but a guy from Melbourne called my work yesterday, and after speaking to myself, told a guy in the office to ask me to count to ten. I had to disappoint him by telling him that it is Australians that say sex instead of six, not Kiwis. Good one, Aussie.
posted by animoller at 5:34 AM on January 16, 2002

So the Australian asked you to count to ten? I get so sick of that. Takes 'em time, but they remember it in the end.
posted by dydecker at 7:02 AM on January 16, 2002

Those dingo's are funny buggers! They're like the 10 year old schoolboy pulling the hair of the girl in front of him because he secretly likes her.
posted by Foaf at 12:50 PM on January 16, 2002

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