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Ofelia Cleaning. Ramiro Gomez (Facebook page) (Gallery page) is an artist whose paintings at the blog Happy Hills "document[] the predominantly Hispanic workforce who work tirelessly behind the scenes to maintain the beautiful imagery of these affluent areas." He also places painted cut-outs of workers on the lawns in pricey neighborhoods.

Domestic Scene and Cirilio with a Leaf Blower struck me as two more of the really good ones.

Via Bitch Media
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The series riffing on Hockney is brilliant imitation/parody/social commentary all in one.
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Here are a few early works. These images were posted just after he got started with his street art (art in context) series.
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Oh, this is wild...thanks for the link...
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Those cut-outs are a real-life version of something I've fantasized about while driving past a place down the road from me in rural central Virginia. It's an ostentatious McMansion built to look like an antebellum plantation house; the illusion of timeless gentility wavers only before elections, when sure as clockwork huge campaign signs go up for whichever candidate is politically farthest to the right.

I've wished I had the talent and the gall to sneak in some night to mount an installation of life-sized dark-skinned figures dressed in field-hand clothing, bent over next to the sacks of cotton they're filling. So I take my figurative hat off to Gomez for actually doing it..

A propos, Hector Tobar's novel The Barbarian Nurseries is highly recommended.
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It's fun to litter.
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The magazine paintings are excellent: I like the riffs on Hockney, too, but the magazine work is just...fascinating.
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