‘And This Is Free’ (1964)
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A 50 minute documentary about Maxwell Street Market and musicians in Chicago (I interpret the title with an implicit accusatory question mark.) Mike Shea—previously a photographer for Life, Look and Time—directed this exquisitely composed, Frederick Wiseman-esque documentary that lurches between the wiles and complaints of street vendors to some astoundingly well-recorded street side blues performances—recorded by Gordon Quinn. Most notably numerous songs by Robert Nighthawk and one electrifying performance by Carrie Robinson. There's also one seriously awesome-looking house party.

These and others featured on a CD release known "And This Is Maxwell Street" w/ Blind Arvella Gray , Fannie Brewer, Baby Face Leroy, Floyd Jones, and JB Hutto.

Shea would go on to be involved with the Film Group, who undertook other documentary projects in Chicago.
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And, Maxwell Street has been gone since about 6 years ago, made way for the UIC expansion.
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Longer than 6 years, but irreplaceable still.
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iirc Buddy Guy was discovered playing on the street in Chicago.
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Love this, thank you...
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Ooooh, good find! Thanks, zbsachs!

This post of mine on Maxwell Street from 2008 features lots of fantastic blues and street performance clips which are ALL now defunct, goddammit.
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As seen in The Blues Brothers.
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Totally great video. Thanks for posting this. Looks like the Blues Brothers nailed the feel of it.

I remember a friend from college telling me that he knew of a fellow that ran a used car business. State law required that all of the cars on his lot had to be registered with the state. His solution? Go to Maxwell St. and buy a *roll* of Illinois State license plate stickers.
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That was great.
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'I'll overcome someday' at 24:10 is chilling. This documentary is amazing. I've always thought of Chicago as such a segregated place - economically and ethnically. It's nice to see different people together seemingly enjoying each other.
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Damn, I miss Maxwell Street. Thanks for this.
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