MATTES - Like you've never seen them before!
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Huge collection of (and commentary on) matte art from classic films that has been rescanned for HD releases. Much more on the process of creating and filming this type of setup at last month's post. (previously)
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Well, last month if this were April. My mistake.
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It only took 5 months!
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Image 183 from "Hot Shots Part Deux" is spoofing a classic rock album cover but I can't remember which one. Anyone recognize it?
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I remember reading about the stunning glass paintings for "Black Narcissus". This blog post has some more great examples of matte work (with a specific concentration on perspective) that has a shot of that film right at the top.
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Glad to be of service.
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My favorite toy when I was a kid was Major Matte Mason, America's Painter in Space!
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So many of these look very fake when viewed statically but seem so real within the movie.
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Ever since I got lost in Mark Cotta Vaz's "The Invisible Art: The Legends of Movie Matte Painting" my admiration for these artists has been unfaltering and my thirst for the minutiae (of the craft) unquenchable. I'm happy as a pig in you-know-what now!
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Ooof. If only they weren't all on the same page...
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SO bookmarked.

Growing up, my sister and I always used to joke that we were going to run away and go live in a matte painting.
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great find.

I love how loose many of these paintings are. Seeing the painting through film grain helped everything feel integrated in the final composite.

More and more set extensions are generated procedurally these days. It's nice to see example of craft from days gone by.
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