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Educationally bizarre: Current events, medicine, animals, forensics, oddities, teeth, eyes, deformities, funerals, cemeteries, blood, albinism and such ........ It's The Soul is Bone. Not necessarily disturbing, but not necessarily not disturbing. Not necessarily NSFW, but not necessarily not NSFW.
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If you have any particular things you know it will bother you to see, I recommend the technique of blurring your eyes, fast-scrolling until just the text caption is visible at the top of the screen, and then scrolling the picture back down if the description sounds like something you won't mind seeing.
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Yeah, if mild but real body horror is not really your thing, it's best to move along.
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The only thing worse than a website made entirely of "nope" is a website made mostly of "huh!" scattered randomly with "EXTREME NOPE". So. In short: Nope.
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nipple on page one. NSFW

Everything else: Suitable for Nightmares. So many dead birds.
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This is a very strange mix of Really Cool and Absolutely Horrifying. So much eye squick in one place!
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Too many subconjunctival hemorhages.
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Oh, sweet God, no!

(Of all the pictures here, this one appears to be the most likely to occur in my house.)
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I assumed you had to be talking about this when you said "Oh, sweet God, no!"
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Oh, sweet God, no!

The first time I saw a picture of a house centipede, I declared that I would burn down my house if I ever found one. But now I live in an area with lots of them, I've changed my tune. I feel like I should make up for my past defamation by speaking up for them.

While it's true that they have an unholy number of legs, and move with an uncanny undulation, faster than anything that little ought to... they're shy, they eat other pests, and house centipedes are generally good housemates.
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The tiny burn victim wrapped in heat blankets on page 1 is about all I can take right now.

brb, leaving work early to play with my daughters :(
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Well, shit.
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Maybe I'm weird but I actually thought this was kinda cool... until I saw the eye-like larvae on page 4. Eughghgh.
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I liked the Skelepoodle.
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I really like this. Thought-provoking but not provocative.

Author's really got a thing about subconjunctival hemorrhages and bees.
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Poppy :-( :-) :-(
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I thought I'd simply read the comments here to gauge the horror level before browsing the link.

But even the comments here are NOPE NOPE NOPE


Y'all are braver than me. So thanks for the warning and the mild trauma, MeFi.
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Seems like an updated version of those grab-bag image directories. I really dislike some of the specific images, but I like the overall impression. It's slightly disorienting.
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Seems like an updated version of those grab-bag image directories. I really dislike some of the specific images, but I like the overall impression. It's slightly disorienting.

Exactly this. I am fascinated (and occasionally squicked out) by many of these images. It IS unsettling, which I believe is the tone the site is going for. There are 900+ pages of this tumblr, and I think I could while away many hours perusing them. I'm not sure what this says about me, but there it is.
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This is one of those times where I'm really glad I read the coments here before clicking on the link.
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Oh, sweet God, no!

Thanks, Faint of Butt (kinda). I found the first two pages interesting and I was going to continue, but I'm stopping now. Pools of blood? Fine. Dessicated fetuses? Fine. House centipedes? Nononononononononono.
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The same blogger has another site here:

...with some repeats from the tumblr, but a lot more in the way of what would probably be considered NOPEworthy material.

That aside, I really like both sites. Scrolling through them is kind of like Squick Roulette, but the way the material is presented...the worst of the images just tend to make me sad. It's not a gore-shock gallery at all, but more of a curated pictorial map of reality. What I get from looking at this stuff (which, oddly enough, I found while trying to -- for the sake of my dignity -- de-sensitize myself somewhat to disturbing medical images) is a sense of the range of human experience, including the parts the lucky among us never get within shouting distance of.
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NSFD: Not Safe For Dreams
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I think it's really cool, personally. And my brain likes (but my heart hates) the ones with no explanation at all, the blood-covered floors or the animals in ice or the decomposition silhouettes. The lack of a 'personality' or commentary from the person who posts gives space for thought, for feeling and memory. Someone died there. It was a loss. Someone mourned. Right? Someone had to mourn. What if no one did? I'm left with this terrible lonesome urge to mourn someone I've never met, someone who died alone, who was forgotten, who was terrified and bleeding. I want to mourn the animals, quietly giving up their fierce struggle for life, trapped under ice or alone in the cold. These images make me feel. That can't be such a bad thing, can it?
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I've been following this blog for a while now. It's not for everyone, nor should it be, but to me, it is important to not look away from these images. These are all the things we hide from and try to pretend don't exist. But they do. This is the world, and it is amazing and cool and terrible all at once.

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