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The No Safe Word Show is a weekly podcast about all things kinky. Part news round up, part comedy hour but fundamentally a show that builds community and educates. Hosts Sparky and Daddy Tony have been delighting filthy perverts for over one year and 85 episodes. You can bet it is NSFW under the fold.

Want to build your own bondage table? There are two episodes on building things and two on repurposing mundane things.

What do you do when you have a guy or gal in five layers of rubber on the business end of a fucking machine when the cops knock on your door? Loki, a lawyer, can answer some of your questions on playing safe within the law.

They deal with some heady topics like Polyamory (2), addiction recovery, and aging.

If you want to explore some kinks with people deep into them, Neil the Erotic Hypnotist was on three great episodes. Boy Trav talked about age play and diapers. Frustratingly there was an episode about a gent who spent a year in chastity. After several accidental deaths in the community there was a very educational show on breath control.

So throw away your fuzzy handcuffs and shackle yourself to this podcast. Kink tested, Dan Savage approved.
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Vision of the future: utopia or dystopia?
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If you listen to the episodes that end with the screams and moans of a guy coming for five minutes it is clearly the former.
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What was frustrating about it?
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Why this title? Safe words are good things. They ensure consent, and consent is a good thing, and non-consent is an evil horrorshow. Why make that sound like a bad thing?
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They talk about it here.
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I had pretty much this exact idea a few years ago when I was in charge of the talk output on a small local radio station in a rural part of the UK. We called it The Sunday Munch, it went as far as running a couple of pilot shows, talking about kink, polyamory, genderqueer, and all sorts of interesting subjects around these.

It was the right idea, at the right time (the height of the 50 Shades boom in interest in kink) on the wrong platform, so we never went ahead with it on-air and dropped it. A small flea-powered FM station in a small town was just the wrong place for it - the boss above me had misgivings about it and we just decided it wasn't worth going forward. It had amazing potential, we were aiming for online/podcast listeners more than FM listeners, really. It's great to see someone else running with the same idea.

Although, I haven't listened yet - what sort of guy comes for five minutes?!
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what sort of guy comes for five minutes?!

The sort of guy who's been, um.. treated right... *shifty eyes*

This looks great, I'll check it out when I can -- there are also some other kink podcasts around the place, some of them longer-lasting than others. They include Fetish Dynasty, Fetish Flame, and DungeonPlace. If anyone has any other recommendations, I'd love to hear them!
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Also, even after reading the explanation, I find it a bit of an iffy choice for a title, as something to define your BDSM show with.. but oh well. I'll wait and see if the show itself is good!
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So having listened to a couple of episodes, there's quite a bit of 'lol stereotype' humour which can be pretty jarring. (And I'm still a bit put off by the title...) But apart from that, this is a pretty great kinkcast with some really interesting guests. Recommended!
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Why this title? Safe words are good things. They ensure consent, and consent is a good thing, and non-consent is an evil horrorshow. Why make that sound like a bad thing?

I didn't get that impression from the title.

To go on a side rant: Safe words don't ensure anything, obviously. They're just words.
Also, for most people, and most kinks, they're irrelevant. If I say stop? I want you to Stop.
My safe words are my normal words.
There is only one kink in which you need safe words for.
And that is Consensual Non-consent.

Where someone doesn't want the other person to stop just because they say 'Stop'.

So, it is both a good thing that it's one of the most widely known aspects of kink, because that kink right there, is the one most likely to cause BIIIG problems.
(Overheard years ago - *intimacy noises* Female voice: "No, stooop...". Sudden stop. Male voice: "Are you ok?" Angry female voice: "I didn't mean I wanted you to STOP!". Ouch, ouch, ouch. Setup for a terrible, terrible situation).

But, there are tons of other people using safe words without really knowing why, or being told off for not using them (I'm not kidding), or it's treated like you're ready to play if that's the one tool you have in your toolbox. FFS.
Not everything is a nail.
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