Decline and Fall
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First a Swans post and then a Cloudkicker post and then a Justin Broadrick post, this is the right kind of metafilter for me.
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Thoughts on it from Invisible Oranges (which I highly recommend in general if you haven't read them before). I really like that this sounds like Godflesh, which is not always a given for a band after such a long hiatus. Really, though, I want a new Techno Animal album . . . that shit is amazing.
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My reaction to the news was "aw yiss". And yeah, if you're a Broadrick fan it's been good times lately--the Jesu album last year was a treat too.
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I would kill for new Techno Animal. Brotherhood of the Bomb is just classic.
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Oh shit! Now all I need is some Three Mile Pilot and Black Heart Procession and I'll be set for lifting music for the next 6 months.
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