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+1 Card
+1 Action
Trash a card from your hand other than Rats (or reveal a hand of all Rats).
When you trash this, +1 Card.
Cost: 4, Action
(Note: there are 20 of these in Supply instead of the usual 10.)

[It's Dominion creator Donald X. Vaccarino's favorite card from among all the expansions!]
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Awesome. Great word association and literary play with history, biology, and culture. Nice read. Rattus is everywhere.
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A story for which the world is not yet prepared.
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I enjoyed this post, thank you.
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To continue the Dominion bit above --

I missed the important part of the Rats card: when you use it, in addition to all those other things, you gain another Rats. Basically, the Rats you have "eats" one of your other cards, and uses it to give you more Rats.

The result is a card that, if you decide to use it, can quickly and easily turn your entire deck into Rats, and because there are 20 instead of 10 in Supply, there are enough Rats around to do it.

Why would one ever want to use this? It is a card that requires a bit of thought to use well, and it doesn't always make sense on all boards. A big part of it is that it costs 4, so it works well with trashers that give you something based on card cost. (The +1 Card for trashing it could be considered a hint to this use from Vaccarino.) So, Rats Remodels into Gold, gives you four coins when Salvaged, and is worth 3 VP when Bishoped, whereas the original card that got turned into a Rats could have been a starting-deck 0-cost Copper. It's an intermediate step towards something better.
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