A train across Ukraine
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Golem are a klezmer-punk band from NYC, whose third album Tanz is has just come out. Their current label, Discos Corasón, has a number of live songs and their first music video: "Freydele". And here's a great rendition of their song "This Is Yiddish!" You can also catch an interview with a couple of band members and read an interview with the multilingual vocalist, accordionist and band founder Annette Ezekiel Kogan.
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Yes! I am obsessed with Train Across Ukraine! And I hope the people who will soon receive my CD for the swap will be obsessed with it, too!
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(P.S. if you're in NYC, they're playing at Joe's Pub tonight. They are super-awesome live.)
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With a name like GOLEM I thought they'd be a bit more Carcass and a little less Gogol Bordello, but still, good stuff!
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You don't have to be Jewish to love Klezmer!

Golem's popularity in Mexico is proof.
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Thanks – this is great!
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Golem are a klezmer-punk band from NYC

They're a combination of Oi! and Oy Veh?
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The singer with the mustache in the video looks identical to my server tonight. I spend too much time in hipster bars, clearly.

But great music, pleasant in the same way Gogol Bordello is.
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Oh, yea! I studied with their previous violinist and the bass player sometimes joins my band (I didn't know he was in Golem until now). Check them out- Golem truly does rock!
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