Aug(De)mented Reality
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Using a unique animation technique involving traditional animation cels and his iphone 5s, Hombre_mcsteez turns everyday life into an odd creature infested cartoon universe. (yt)

The youtube link is a compilation of his animations, which can be found piecemeal along with stills on his instagram.
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Soon this will be everyone's life when everyone is required to wear google glasses!
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Those are good. Both imaginative and funny and the technique seems to add a bit of something as well...
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Yeah, these are really groovy, especially when he alters the "real world" to interact with what he's drawn.
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At first, I thought, yeah, when AR gets going I'll live in Zeppelin-land... All of us just driftin' n dronin'.

But you know. If I got off my ass once in a while, I could live in Zeppelin-land for reals.

The rest of you have to find the gumption for your own Zeppelins.
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Well, that was certainly nifty.
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The rest of you have to find the gumption for your own Zeppelins.

The best part of Friday Night On Metafilter is checking "Recent Activity" on Saturday morning afternoon and clicking the "your most recent comment" links.
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I think the butter excitedly jumping on the pancakes might be the best one. The butter's like ohmanohmanohmanohmanohPAAAANCAAAAAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The rest of you have to find the gumption for your own Zeppelins.

I was reading the board member bio of a guy went to Zeppelin University and it's like, "Oh yeah, Zeppelin was a guy."

I was expecting something a little more salvia-tinged.
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I was trying to figure out where the iPhone came into it, and then it occurred to me: he was using the iPhone as a camera to capture the animation.
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That was incredibly charming.
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Heck, I could do that... (if I could draw and if I had a bit more creativity and imagination and if I had the patience to do animation like that and if my old hands weren't so shaky, and...and...... never mind.... )

Thanks... that was fun....
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His style reminds me of Rocko's Modern Life. I wonder if he worked on that show back in the day?
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Wow..that' that is some REALLY excellent animation work.

It's not just that the idea and the medium are clever, this is just fantastic and imaginative and graceful in its execution. This is the kind of masterful "makes it look easy" level of ability that people spend decades working toward.
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Is this guy just, like, preternaturally funny or does he work hard at it?
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That was great, reminded me of the animated vignettes in between scenes on the old Sesame Street.

I love when someone invents a clever new technique and then does really clever things with it.
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So great.
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