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What to do when you are stuck in an airport? Make a music video, of course. Using a roll of luggage tape, the handle of his roller bag and other things commonly found in an airport, stranded traveler Richard Dunne explores what it means to be terminally alone.
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Ok, putting the iPhone on the moving handrail to film himselft in a tracking shot was a little bit of genius there.
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If only there was something more entertaining to do in Las Vegas in the middle of the night..
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Unfortunately, there isn't.

This was great! I have to wonder if he was also providing entertainment for some back-room security guard with a panel of monitors.
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Yeah, I had the same question. I kept thinking that if I were totally alone in an airport, I might get up to something NSFW simply because I could, but there's likely security... somewhere...
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Ok, so the last time I was in the Vegas airport, which was more than a decade ago, all I remember is the stupid slot machines that wouldn't be quiet (I too was stuck there on a late-night layover). I was sort of sad that they told us what airport at the beginning, because I thought it would be a fun puzzle-- Vegas, though, is very recognizable if you show the machines (which they don't until almost 4 min in).

I am pretty sure when I was there a bunch of other people were similarly stuck there with the yammering machines at an unfortunate hour. I've tried to avoid that airport since. (Blinky, noisy, and not *nearly* alone enough.)
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I have an acquaintance that knows the guy that did this. Apparently, he is a lighting designer by trade, and so knows quite a bit about visual presentation.

I thought this was a fun idea, cleverly executed, but maybe a bit longer than it needed to be to make the comedic point. (I do wonder how many takes, if any, got spoiled by one or two random people walking through at precisely the wrong moment...)
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At first I was a little disappointed when the guy appeared as a subject and started miming. I was sort of expecting a first person view journey through the lonely building. But then the song got more intense and the performance shifted gears from slightly goofy into absolutely fantastic.
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I'm impressed that the iPhone camera is good enough that you can do zooms on the video in post-processing.
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I thought this would be too cheesy for me. Turns out no, just cheesy enough! Great job, guy.
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I have to wonder if he was also providing entertainment for some back-room security guard with a panel of monitors.

I was stuck overnight in the Vegas airport once, after some late-90s trade show. I had essentially no money at this point in my life, so luxuries like cab rides and hotel rooms were utterly out of the question. The bookstores were closed, and there was no such thing as wifi yet, so I had nothing to do, and the constant light and background noise made it impossible to rest; nor could I find anywhere to lay down, since the chairs all had arm rests.

Boredom, isolation, and sleep deprivation built up, but instead of creating something interesting like this music video, I just sort of drifted off into a waking dream and started acting really weird. I rode down an escalator, then back up its neighbor, over and over, dozens of times. I worked out a strict pattern of motions for each end of the trip - step *this* way, move hand *that* way, step, go, trying to make each loop totally identical. I used the tiles in the floor as a grid and walked across it algorithmically, trying different parameters. Finally I rearranged all of the chairs in one of the lounges into some complex geometric pattern, which seemed interesting at the time, then laid on the floor with my arms and legs out trying to imitate the vitruvian man.

And that's when the security guard finally ambled up, all casual-like, and asked if perhaps there were some meds I had forgotten to take. Which was, I suppose, a reasonable question.
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