Patent Improved Widget Self-Snaffelizer
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Can you guess what the invention does? Beautiful and baffling machines in wood and brass from the Age of Steam. Selected from the collections of the Rothschild Petersen Patent Model Museum.
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This is a word screw threader invented in 1875. Do-it-yourself wood screws are in vogue again; this gorgeous machine could lend you the ultimate hipster street cred.

the fuck?
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14, woulda had a couple more if I'd stuck with my first instinct.
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12, but there were a bunch that I rejected the right answer because I was thinking "hmm, it wouldn't really work for that"
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A pigeon startler is something that could be made in a number of ways. I am tempted to classify all existing things into the categories of "startles a pigeon" and "does not startle a pigeon".
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This could have been a lot more difficult if more attention had been paid to selecting the 3 wrong answers each time. Too many of those were obviously silly, so it made it easier to guess.
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16, I actually recognized Abe Lincoln's patent model.
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At BoingBoing we call an article like this TeamSpunk.
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13; there were a bunch that I narrowed it down to two possibilities.
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IME, ain't nothing startles no pigeons.
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I was often thrown by some of the devices (in hindsight) being not-full-scale models that couldn't actually do the job of the mechanism they demonstrate, and/or models made from the wrong materials. Part of me feels that's unfair :)
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IME, ain't nothing startles no pigeons

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20, but I lucked out on the hatpin/horseshoe machine.
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16, just going by things that made sense based on that day and age. I wonder if those models actually work. Also, could have done without the snarky comments after you answer. I'm pretty amazed by the capabilities these inventors/machines have without using computer controlled motors or hydraulics.
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11, and sadly I also got one by recognizing the only POTUS patent, so it's really 10ish.
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Ocelot socks!

Of course, obviously. I always forget that one.
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