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Caveirão (SLVimeo) It's 3:33 AM! Do you know where the spirits of your city are? In honor of the Brazilian World Cup - and the sacrifices made for it - an animated short feature in the tradition of Ghost Busters and Night Watch, with a decidedly modern, Brazilian take.
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I don't know why this doesn't have any comments but I found it delightful, thank you so much!
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I love indie animation so much, and the internet makes it so much more available than when I was young. ("Spike and Mike" and Liquid Television and bootleg VHS demo tapes from SIGGRAPH was pretty much it.)

It was a toss-up between posting this and a video for a retro-heavy-metal song that referenced both consensual zombie brain-eating and planetary terraforming, rendered as animated embroidery - and also a short film on the hell and horror of an "Indiana Jones"-type character trying to adjust to normal life, and failing, after defeating his worst enemy. This was the better video by a smidge.

Sometimes we need to take a break from the written word, and let people communicate with us in other ways. I don't care if no-one comments. Metafilter is an ideal place to share videos I find that I think other people should see.

My next post will be a baseball video from the '80s, an actual segment from a real telecast. I think people who don't like sports will enjoy it as much as the people who do. I won't expect any comments or favorites for it.
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