Obxd Synthesizer emulator
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Emulation of famous OB-X, OB-Xa and OB-8 synths. Available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions, for Windows and Mac.
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Oh, so downloaded. Haven't loaded up the patches yet, but the synth itself is fabulous.
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So this runs within Logic (or GB)?
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Drag & drop into folders for Logic -- haven't launched Garage Band to see, yet. The presets are manifold and copious.
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ooooh this will go well with the Arturia SEM-V emulator
posted by infinitewindow at 7:10 PM on June 14, 2014

the AU synth and the preset downloads are awesome.
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I just tested this out quickly in Garage Band, and that is a damn fine sounding synth!
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For the less-synth-techie folks out there like myself, I found a dead-simple way to check this out on a Win PC without a DAW ...



Now would someone please explain the Oberheim's internal signal routing? Not obvious from the GUI. A block diagram would be super-helpful right about now. Thanks.
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OB-X Owner's Manual (1180 version)
OB-X Service Manual (full wiring block diagram)
OB-Xa User's Manual (this may have a useful block diagram)
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Thanks, infinitewindow!
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Yes. Awesome find.
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I may have just learned that GarageBand 10 does not support plug-ins. Ugh. Apple giveth, Apple taketh away.
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I always figured the first plugin to hit MetaFilter would be MetaFilter.

(Personally I find Waves stuff almost laughably overpriced, given the great free and cheap stuff out there. But some people still associate quality with money spent.)
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It was a large room
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All kinds
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You were born
And so you're free
So happy birthday.
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For those who prefer to drop some coin, this plugin is pretty much spot-on:

OP-X PRO-II by Sonic Projects
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oh my god thanks for posting this!!!!
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Linux people may wish to note that Qtractor claims to optionally "(opted-in at build time)" support VST.

No guarantee of success (IIRC there once existed VSTs that did not play on both Mac and Win), but maybe worthashot.
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Finally got around to installing this...it's pretty rad. Shockingly good for a free soft synth.

Now I'm off to make spacemusick ttyl
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sounds pretty good (i'm not an oberheim enthusiast in particular so I can't vouch for accurate) but seems to take some serious CPU time
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What would you expect? Emulating a tunable filter digitally involves a lot of math.
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What would you expect? Emulating a tunable filter digitally involves a lot of math.

Implementing an IIR filter that approximates a certain response "directly" with traditional DSP techniques doesn't, at least compared to the amount of math a modern computer can handle. Emulating in full detail with circuit/component simulation, as the most sophisticated virtual analogue synths do now, does, if that's what you mean. This is really resource intensive compared to most synth plugins. Essentially I was wondering if it is one of said advanced emulations or just poorly coded.
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