Brown Sabbath
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Austin-based Latin funk band Brownout covers Black Sabbath on their forthcoming album Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath.

Interview with guitar player Beto Martinez
It was part of a residency we were doing where we were playing every Thursday night in the month of September and we were doing a different sort of “theme” as part of the show every night. We did a tribute to James Brown called “Brown Caesar”. We did a night of Hip Hop, a night of B-Boy tunes, and then the last one was this Brown Sabbath thing, which we initially just threw the name out there in a kind of joking way, but then quickly realized that it would actually be really freaking cool if we did that.
"The Wizard" live in Boulder CO, March 28, 2014

Brownout is an offshoot of Grupo Fantasma, and worth a listen even when they're not covering Sabbath.
"Pole Position"
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FUCK ME< but that version of The Wizard is BOSS! \m/
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See also. Also.
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Really liking these. I generally set a low bar for Sabbath Covers, because usually if a band covers sabbath I tend to like them at least just for that. But these Brownout folks are legit awesome. Planet Caravan is my fave here.
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Also substitute Elvis/ska for the latin flavor and switch Sabbath to Zeppelin and you get this.
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Damn, wish I'd brought my tablet to work today. I have to wait for HOURS to listen to this.
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listening to N.I.B. reminds me of just how "brown" the original Sabbath could be, which leads to a quibble.

Why didn't Brownout stretch the groove out a bit at the beginning like Sabbath? I mean, that's what funk is for, isn't it?
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It's like the soundtrack for a 70's brownsploitation movie. Cool, pendejo...
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For classic metal filtered through a Swedish acoustic band w/ a female singer, check out Hellsongs. Are you talking to me?
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If I may recommend Sepultura's Symptom of the Universe as well (the outro solo is the main attraction).
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Sounds cool. Look forward to hearing it.
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Favourite strange Sabbath cover:
Sroeng Santi - Kuen Kuen Lueng Lueng
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For a progenitor of the entire heavy metal oeuvre, Sabbath was groovy.
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I mean, that's what funk is for, isn't it?

Not really. I mean, that's just one channel for funk distribution. What funk is "for" is sort of complicated and accounts vary, but I gather alien gods and the pyramids are involved. Cite
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... but having seen the P-Funk monster some decades back in its live glory, I can assure you they grooved at length, and brilliantly so, so many roofs to be torn off.
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Man, that "Into the Void" is sick.
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Listening to Wizard, getting close to a minute in, going, "this is kind of disappointing for all the good things I've heard about Grupo Fantasma" and then it kicks in, and OHHHHHH YEAHHHHHH.

I need to see Grupo Fantasma live and this has reminded me of that.
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If you like this, and you like records, you might consider buying the (10" brown splatter vinyl) record.
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Wow. Black Sabbath (the song) is a hell of a funk challenge. They did it, and they kept it evil, even.

Maybe Supernaut, Hole in the Sky, and Children of the Grave were too on-the-nose as funk covers. Still, if someone's done it, I'd love to hear it.
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Casualties of Jazz - Kind of Black: it's pretty to close to note for note covers of Black Sabbath, and I have to say that it's pretty awesome. Fans of jazz trios with the Hammond B3, bass and drums, Medeski Martin and Wood and Black Sabbath. Make sure your speakers are turned up, the organ is set to "vibrate" at the beginning of Iron Man and there's more live.
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I agree that the cover of Black Sabbath (the song) done by Brownout is really good. Those horns really make it.
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New Zealand band Deja Voodoo released an album with the same name in 2004.
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