The Beyoncéiad
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The Beyoncélogues:
If I Were A Boy

via Fast Co.Create: You've Really Got To See Beyoncélogues: Beyoncé Lyrics Turned Into Dramatic Monologues
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Directed by Sara Schaefer.. WOOT! WOOT!
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Who helps arrange all of her travels and hotels? The Beyoncéirge.
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Love this so hard - I think if I were a boy is better than irreplaceable - it's too easy to get into the cadence of irreplaceable to forget the song during the video.

Damn it - now I have irreplaceable stuck in my head
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Pretty great.

Inspired by Shatner, I had some friend who would try to outdo each other with dramatic readings of popular music lyrics. This was way before Beyonce, but her lyrics work pretty well for this. Turning any Prince lyrics into a spoken word performance was always a predictably awesome trainwreck.
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These are way better than they have any right to be.
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Sometime in high school, my friends and I started "performing" Say My Name as a monologue to each other. I still think it's an excellent dramatic reading.

Just the other day, I would call.
You would say,
Baby how's your day?
But today, it ain't the same...

You're acting kind of shady....
Ain't calling me baby.

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If I Were A Boy is a fantastic song on a million levels. I'm not the biggest Beyoncé fan, I do like some of her songs but that's basically about as far as it goes.

But IIWAB is so subversive in so many ways. It's my fervent hope that a whole generation of girls grows up really listening to the words of that song and realizing what a pile of shit us men have handed to them. And then saying "STOP THAT SHIT." (Yes I know feminists have been doing this forever, and I know Madge did a couple songs that were somewhat along these lines, but I can't think of another Major A-List Intergalactic Ultrastar who has so bluntly talked about how boys get an easier life than girls.)
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But IIWAB is so subversive in so many ways.

Yeah, some of my fellow-feminist friends were critical of the song at the time, saying that it disempowered women, but I think what the song is about is male privilege, and how it plays out in relationships. It's a really powerful song in that way.
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Also, I love these and I want more!
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