"Do you think I want people to know I greenlit 'Transendence'?"
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Who really controls Hollywood? Now it can be told! (SLFOD)
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We are all afraid to comment on this.
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Hmmm...I dunno. I mean, yes, the history of black women in movies is pretty terrible, but this was a little too...let's laugh-away a bad thing...uncomfortable, at least for me. Still, I suppose if the actresses involved were down with it...
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I didn't think it was uncomfortable at all. It just wasn't funny. The timing was off, and it felt like a possibly good concept with a bunch of weak jokes to fill it up. So, I guess it was... die.
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Maybe it was the un-funniness that tipped it into "uncomfortable" for me, like I couldn't tell if I should be laughing or not? Had the jokes worked, maybe my reaction would have been better.
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Y'all need to shut the fuck up and eat your motherfucking dunkaroos.
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Nothing illustrates the point of the video as effectively as the fact that I was unable to name any of the actors in robes after recognizing Alfre Woodard by her voice. Some (good) comedy is more about confrontation than giggles.
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this was a little too...let's laugh-away a bad thing

You laugh to keep from crying. The idea that black women are actually the ones running things is a more comforting (though false and fleeting) thought than wondering why, for the thousandth time, I don't see more women who look like me in more and more varied roles.

For my part, I thought the video was okay. The jokes could have been stronger.
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well Retta was in classic form, as usual
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