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Mavis Staples speaks about "The Weight" in "The Last Waltz." Elon Green asks Mavis Staples about her memories of the Staple Singers' unforgettable collaboration with The Band, captured on film in Martin Scorsese's "The Last Waltz."

You may know the tune best from this memorable performance earlier this year, previously featured here.

More Staple Singers live performances:
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And, 30+ years later, she remains pretty amazing; I especially like the cover of Wrote A Song For Everyone from "You Are Not Alone" (produced by Jeff Tweedy). Bonus acoustic version with Jeff Tweedy.
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That was lovely, thank you. Here's a nice one of Pops by himself.
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That version of The Weight is just perfect. Pops and Mavis give it the gospel feel it just begs for. And Rick Danko's turn is spectacular. I will never tire of hearing this cut.
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As a rural Arkie like Levon, "The Weight" was simply part of the daily garage and front porch background noise growing up. I never thought to pay attention to it as a kid, but, dang, the older I get the more it gives me goosebumps. Going to visit my folks in about a week and this is a perfect way to start setting the tone.
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As with many artists, you get a nice feel for what she's like in a room from her Tiny Desk appearance. "I'll Take You There" with one guy playing the guitar, for instance.
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The Staple Singers have always been one of my favorites, and the chemistry between them and The Band was amazing. I just finished Mavis biography and it's full of great stuff.
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Yeah that's one of the finest performances of The Weight and I'm pleased to read that Mavis Staples knew it was amazing at the time.
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Wilco, Nick Lowe & Mavis Staples rehearse "The Weight" From some earlier metafilter thread. I always love rewatching it.

And that Tiny Desk is awesome. Thanks!
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Whoever did the lighting for that was a genius!

Thanks for the post...
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Mavis' recent live album on Anti, Live: Hope at the Hideout will MELT YOUR FACE. It's so amazingly fantastic, in song selection, in sound quality, in performance, just... everything. I wish I could find the live version of "Why Am I Treated So Bad?" with the mind-blowingly nasty Rick Holmstrom guitar solo, but I can't find it online right now, so just check out this version of Wade in the Water instead.

It's not some mere "she's getting older, but she's still got it" record. No, no, no. It's frigging electric. Highest recommendation.
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Mavis' verse the first time I watched The Last Waltz was one of those Life's Perfect Moments for me.
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Mavis Staples is a national treasure. I saw her at the Beale Street Music Festival last year, and she absolutely killed it. There's a lot of great history of the Staples Singers and Mavis at the Stax Museum , which is a must if you ever get to Memphis.
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And don't forget I'll Take You There...
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I don't really care for meeting famous people but Mavis Staples has always been on the short list of "people I want to jam/chill with"

Also The Weight, particularly the version from The Last Waltz is REQUIRED READING in my house. It is my favorite singing song of all time.
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Man, that song is indestructible. I started watching the Jimmy Fallon & The Muppets version out of curiosity, and the fucking thing choked me up just like it always does. Its greatness is as indescribable and undeniable as that of Krazy Kat. What a song!
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DirtyOldTown, thanks for the Hope at the Hideout tip. Just listening to it on Spotify and it's awesome.

For another great take on the Weight, I like Aretha's version featuring Duane Allman.
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Mavis is just seventeen shades of awesome. That interview is a great find.

And languagehat - I'm sure you know Jimmy is from Saugerties, NY just up the road from Woodstock where Levon and crew had a place. Jimmy's farewell to his Late Night gig that he performed with The Muppets was choreographed tightly (down to the camera angles) as a tribute to Levon.

I'm off to watch The Last Waltz yet again. Wonderful stuff.

Thanks Internet!
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Awesome, and McNulty on guitar as well.
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