It's brown o'clock
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The Hex clock is a clock that tells both what time and color it is.
The Color Clock converts the time to hexadecimal.
Some other formats.
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Brown o'clock! Time to unplug the toilet!
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Cool idea. A friend of mine who played pool obsessively in his 20s says that he came to reflexively associate the numbers of the balls with the corresponding color, and vice-versa.
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I don't understand why the first two links display the same time but different colors. Am I missing something here?

Really neat projects, nonetheless.
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I clicked on it and watched for about a minute before what looked like MetaFilter blue came up (around 12:33 AM). Serendipity!
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Ha! I've been thinking of making a clock app, and I have one idea I'm thinking of, and just mulling around some other concepts, one was using the colorpicker wheel in paint programs as a clock.

I was confused at first, Taft, but looking at it briefly, I think the first one is merely giving the hex value of the total time (235123) whereas the colour clock is converting the decimal value into hex. No, I just tried that and it merely was a darker shade of the hex clock. I honestly have no idea with the color clock is doing.
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Taft, symbiod:
In the first (hex) clock 23:59:59 is the color #235959. The second (color) clock is interpolating (not converting) the hex value, so that 23:59:59 is #ffffff.
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Cool! It's kind of hypnotic and soothing to watch.
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It's kind of hypnotic and soothing to watch.

I see what you did there.
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These are wrong, it's roughly 53a526b2.
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I clicked it and now my crops are withered and my livestock have perished :(
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My insomnia meant that I was up at a quarter to vermillion this morning.
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Now to make one for synesthetes. 12:34(:56) always seemed kindof rainbow to me.
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I like Jacobo's coding philosophy. (As stated in the page source)
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I was lucky enough to click on the link at 23:59:47 or so, so I got to see a dramatic color jump right away.
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I had a bit of a "get a life" moment when I realized it was upsetting to me that "Hex Clock" is not counting in hex.
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