Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men
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Every Sunday, Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men, starting at the very beginning.
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...not all X-Men?

I'll show myself out now.
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Well, they aren't mutants but they are explaining mutants, so they're probably sapien-splaining.
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X-men can breed with other humans and create viable offspring, so they don't count as a separate species. >.>
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So I'm listening to the one about Chris Claremont, and I love their list of Claremontisms ("The focused totality of his/her/its psychic powers;" "No quarter asked--AND NONE GIVEN!" and so on in that fashion). What I really like is their observation that sometimes during Claremont's run, the narrator--like, the actual narration box--would just angrily yell at the characters when they feel bad, and their conclusion that the narrator of the X-Men must actually just be Uatu the Watcher yelling at them because they're idiots.

These are great podcasts. Thanks for posting them!
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Chris Claremont had me writing very complex sentences from like second grade on. Teachers were always so happy with that, but I just thought that was how people were supposed to write.
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I'll show myself out now.

They titled an episode "Not All Mandroids," so you're basically in the right mindset.
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Oh my God, this could not have come along at a better time. The girlfriends seen the films, and is getting frustrated by my fractured recall of the back story. Cheers, Bub.
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I'll have to listen to the Claremont one, at least. Claremont may be unique in having gone from having the reputation as the best writer in comics (say, in the early eighties, at least) to one whose tics and tropes eventually overwhelmed that reputation. (I was going to say "one of the worst", but that's being a bit strong; he doesn't even have the rep of being the worst X-writer--that would undoubtedly be Chuck Austen.)
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They're going through the whole X-Men saga in order, so for now they're talking about Good Claremont - give 'em a while (hell, maybe a few years) and they'll get to Creepy Off His Game Claremont.
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Does every single sentence have to end on an up note?

I really love the late '70s early '80s Xmen, but hot damn, these people have a horrible podcast. Maybe I should say that they have a horrible podcast?
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Wait ... WHAT happened during Deadly Genesis?

Stopped reading X-Men in the late 80's/early 90's and apparently there have been some, um, changes ...
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"Once scored a second date by reciting the Grey/Summers genealogy from memory."

Now that's some cred.
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My very first introduction to the internet was reading the rec.arts.comics.xbooks comprehensive list of (mostly Claremont's) dangling plot lines (using 'n' on a unix terminal, a completely un-threaded newsreader that was basically like trying to drink Usenet from a firehose).

I love their list of Claremontisms

See also:

"nigh invulnerable"
"We take care of our own."
"Flamin' muties!"
"Me an' mine."
"Comes with the uniform."
"Not today, and not by you."
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I love this podcast so much. After Greg Rucka's guest episode, I went out & got the new Cyclops #1, and I really enjoyed it. (My only previous exposure to X-Men was the early 90s cartoon & the movies.)
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I especially love how their enthusiasm isn't blind. I've been struggling with loving sometimes problematic things, and Rachel and Miles are awesome role models for that.
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This podcast is the best podcast. It's great because I think there's a lot that both an X-pert and a novice can enjoy. There's a lot of "Oh yeah! I remember that." and also a lot of "That sounds fucking crazy, I have to find that issue." (The fucking leprechauns had me on the floor)
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