Father and Daughter
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A 9-minute Dutch animation about a daughter who remembers her father. The Academy Award winner in 2000 for animated short films, and multiple other awards. A more detailed review here and an in-depth interview with Michael Dudok de Wit, but these are best read after watching the film first. No dialogue, sepia-tinged and with an accordion-dominated soundtrack. Possibly NSFW if your workplace minds you suddenly bursting into noisy sobs. Dudok de Wit is now working on The Red Turtle, a dialogue-less feature and the first Western project with Studio Ghibli as co-producer.
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This is a beautiful film, but so sad. The landscape and the bicycles make it look very Dutch, while the feeling between daughter and father is universal. Thanks for posting this!

It reminds me how much I miss my father.
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It brought me back to the first time I watched the beginning of UP, which brought tears into my eyes at the time; both my parents were living back then.
My dad's gone now, and I can watch this much calmer. This is very much like stuff is, simply. Sad, and beautiful somehow.
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(Previously) but so beautiful it's definitely worth a repost.
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Ack how did I miss that? I searched for his name and got no hits before posting.

I was fine until the very last scene when I started sobbing. My poor toddler thought at first that I was crying because her dad was dead, not mine! At least my husband got extra cuddles from her when he got home today.
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I pretty much cried so hard at that the first time I saw it. At work. Crying, Like a boss. Then I showed my co workers and they started crying like bosses too.
That animation is my litmus test I if we can be friends or not. Cry like a boss at the end, we good. Make some snide comment, you are dead to me.
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His earlier film "Le Moine et le Poisson" (The Monk and the Fish) is also a gem. (Sorry for the poor quality, but I think it's worth watching anyway)
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Got something in my eye...
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Annika, I think we would be very good friends.

This was lovely, and managed to both pull me out and draw me deeper into that space I've been in this whole past year since he's been gone.
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I had never seen this short! This was lovely, thank you for posting it.
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I've seen this before but thanks for sharing it's a beautiful film.
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Always a classic.
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I first encountered this animation as set to Kate Bush's song "Among Angels" and yes there were certainly tears.
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Ugghh, I knew this one would come back someday to ruin my life. It came out the year my parents divorced when I was in middle school and my mom took me to see Spike and Mike's animated short festival and I embarrassed the pre-pubescent crap out of myself by breaking down so hard in the theater I took my poor mum with me and we had to blow our noses loudly all through the next short.
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