Reggie Watts Joins Peter Serafinowicz For His World Cup Broadcasting
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"And looks like an almost goal. If that whole goal system would have been moved over maybe thirty more feet, we would have been looking at a goal." -- MeFi favorite Reggie Watts (previously) doing World Cup commentary alongside MeFi favorite Peter Serafinowicz (previously) on his Mixlr account, where Serafinowicz has been providing comedic commentary for the games for the last week. [via]
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Is this the thinly-veiled excuse for a live USA vs. GER thread?
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no that's in the algeria thread
posted by elizardbits at 9:19 AM on June 26, 2014

Mixlr is such a weird thing. I feel like their entire business is propped up by Jeff Gerstmann's commute streams which always have thousands of listeners, orders of magnitude higher than any other stream on the service.
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Not intentionally. I thought this had enough cross-over appeal to warrant its own FPP.
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Unless Germany has a three goal differential the US goes through. I might be wrong.
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And it's not in the interest of Germany as far as I understand.
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I caught the first one of these as my window into the US/Ghana game. Serafinowicz talking about "wasp cams" and "multiball" made me wish that it was standard on all games.

Reminded me very much of Markets of Britain. "There he is, ringing his murderer's bell."
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We survived the group of death.
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I love Reggie Watts, I was crushed when I learned he went to the same college that I had, and missed him by one year.
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Almost as exciting as the games themselves.
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I'm loving these, thank you.
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On-the-field analysis provided by Brian Butterfield!
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"at any moment, it could hatch to multiball, so we'll see"
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I could listen to Peter Serafinowicz reading the phone book so thank you for these! It's also the first time I've heard of Reggie Watts and it looks like I have a lot of catching up to do.
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I could listen to Peter Serafinowicz reading the phone book

Or the shipping forecast?
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