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A slide show of polar Svalbard (aka Spitzbergen).
The major settlement Longyearbyen (wiki) at 78 degrees North is the most northernmost settlement of any kind with greater than 1,000 permanent residents.
The UN is calling on Norway to close the coal mines on Svalbard. (See History) which is now better know for it's Global Seed Vault.
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The first link has autoplaying music fyi
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Closing the coal mines would require renegotiating the Svalbard Treaty .
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How do the armored bears feel about this?
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Here is a collection of webcams on Spitsbergen. There's lots of interesting stuff on the rest of the website, too.

Svalbard has been my current obsession for the last couple of years; I'm writing (sooooo slowly) a novel set there. I get super excited every time it's mentioned on MetaFilter!
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For some reason, I have become fascinated lately with Longyearbyen. Thanks for this post!
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Is coal mining in such a remote location profitable?
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