Routledge Gives Free Access to 6,000 eBooks
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Alas, I do not think 3 days will give me enough time to navigate the flash version of Heidegger and the Romantics: The Literary Invention of Meaning, but I'm willing to give it the old college try.
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Did they scan these with a fax machine? Well, still better than bad OCR I guess.
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Palgrave MacMillan's promotion tricked me into downloading a terribly written treatise on economics, and worse, tricked me into trying to read it.

It was a 150 page ramble that I could summarize in a single paragraph: market economic systems respond to demand signals by addressing human wants in the same order you see in Maszlow's hierarchy of needs. So the emergence of a service sector indicates the economy is far along that hierarchy, and therefore nothing to be worried about.

Hours of my life I won't get back.

Caveat emptor. Caveat lictor.

And publishers: I truly am happy for you making lots more profits by not having to conduct large print runs, pulp what doesn't sell, and spend hours on the clock evaluating what books are worthy of step 1. Please divert some of your savings towards hiring more editors for the ebooks you're churning out. Pretty please. Every time you pay an editor to edit, God spares a kitten.
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Sorry to the OP, but this format is pretty awful, and verging on the unreadable. I tried for about five minutes before giving up in frustration, as the text is like a photocopy of a photocopy. My eyes can no longer cope with that, and my brain started making noises about things-free-but-worthless...
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Yeah, I had to give up too. Even on a big ol monitor I couldn't make the text clear and easy to read.
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I was very excited for a moment here and now I guess I'll have to read a book from one of the piles and stacks of books in my apartment.
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This is how you do free e-books.
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