Weaponised Ornithology #224: Mating Season
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Looks like this is a series of 1v1 duels, which explains why they're squared up and don't end up chasing much. Air combat on the live server is much more fluid as the pilots are dodging AA fire and sometimes multiple enemy fighters. It's nice when they stick to their domain, forming a scenic backdrop for my infantry play instead of farming me from the sky with their lolpods.

Jennifrah won the comp in the OP. She's one of the elite pilots on Connery, but appears to be inactive.

Here's a cockpit view of Daddy engaged in a dogfight *while* maneuvering around a biolab to break the line of sight of an infantry AA lock-on rocket launcher. His KDR is 40.
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His KDR is 40.

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That video is mindblowing, troll.
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What am I looking at here?
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To give non Planetside 2 Players some context, the ground is an amazingly hard enemy that usually wins most of my attempts to maneuver. And skirting the underside of a biolab is pretty much asking to auger your plane into the ground... or a leg of the biolab... or be shot by opposing forces. Surviving in the air is a massive challenge. Then, recognize that you get limited resources to pull air, and a limited cool down timer in which to pull air. The fact is - that guy (or gal) basically has the twitch skills of an epileptic squirrel that just ate a bag of skittles because to pull some of that stuff once is generally a death sentence - to successfully pull it off for large swaths of time is insane.

And yeah, the skill required for this is up there with the Planetside 2 heavy assault that jumps out of his plane, fires his rocket to blow up his enemy and then jumps back into his plane before he crashes.

un freaking real
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I was hoping to see some dogs fighting with the distinctive accent that Sean Connery uses for every film, be he Soviet submarner or Irish cop, dubbed over the top.

Where do I go for that ?
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And KDR is kill/death ratio: for every time he gets shot down he has killed an average of 40 of his opponents.
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If that is Daddy, he (I think) is really really skilled in ESFs. He has also been the center of some controversy and drama over the past year and a half as that 40 KDR is not thought to be legitimately come by. Not that he cheats with bots or invuln or anything but that prior to a very extensive redesigning of the kill-award and vehicle kill-award system he gamed the system. Supposedly (and I'm not a Connery player so I'm regurgitating this from people I trust off of Connery) he would bail out of any Mosquito he was piloting with the light assault, safely land, and redploy to dodge the death if he lost a duel or was being shot down. And if you actually managed to track him to the ground, he would disconnect from the game rather than feed you a kill and get the death reported on his KDR. Most of his kills are also A2G from the early, halcyon days of "LOLOLOLOL AIRCRAFT ROCKET PODS BEAT EVERYTHING AND YOU DON'T GET FREE AA WEAPONS" which has changed a great deal since then. ESFs, the light fighter planes with access to rocket pods, can no longer two shot infantry with blast damage from render distance among other things.

So very, incredibly, super skilled but also very much reviled by some in the community. And again, I don't play on Connery, this is just from many, many people I know there.

For those of you interested in the various perjoratives associated with play styles:
> LoLPods/SkillPods - Using rocket pods to farm infantry kills in a fight without aiming to meaningfully contribute to the successful capture or defense of a fight
> Crutchammer - using the Jackhammer at all, ever. God, what a cheesy weapon.
> Rocket Primary - using the rocket launchers (which will one hit people) as the primary weapon when coming into a room as opposed to an LMG, SMG, or shotgun. Very cheesy, very hated by the infantry-centric side of the community
> SkillSuit - Someone who uses the MAX armor suit for everything, every time. Also applies to someone you kill who then returns with the MAX suit... and thus a couple thousand HP over and better weapons than you currently have.

I'm still trying to think of one for the people who spam crouch to abuse a bug in the netcode. The player model briefly shoots through the floor, so if you happen to be going for (and accurately tracking for) headshots you end up shooting their feet for about 3/10's of a second... which gets you killed often enough in bad engagements or very, very close engagements.
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Weaponised Ornithology -- I thought this was going to be about Community.
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