Human Rights Watch 2002 Report
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Human Rights Watch 2002 Report There will undoubtedly be (deserved) criticism of any report that seeks to take both West and East to task for human rights violations, often seemingly judging one far more harshly than the other and perpetuating a victim and agressor view of the world. That being said, this report is still highly relevant and interesting, and deserves your attention for its data and its primary agenda: to expose violations of human rights around the world.
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The US has a very specific list of grievances, which is nice to see, however, most of the rest of the world is lumped in to somewhat arbitrary geographic or racial regions. I.e. check out "Asia", which includes Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, China, etc. This covers nearly 2 billion people with different cultures, languages, and religions, as well as widely different standards of human rights.

The report also reads as politically motivated, which reduces my confidence in it. They obviously made some effort to be fair, but some charged language makes it into the report. They should have been more vigilant with this, as it makes this report, right or wrong, dismissible as propaganda.
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This was posted last week and only got 2 posts back. I wonder why nobody seems to care. Or is just a very long report?
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It's a very long report, probably not the best for sparking discussion. I just thought some people would want to read it, especially in view of the recent conflicts.
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