"The movies are like a machine that generates empathy."
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Life Itself. The documentary based on Roger Ebert’s memoir, by Hoop Dreams’ director Steve James, premiered at Sundance in January and is now rolling out in theaters and on demand.
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Sorry, meant to post this as well: great interview with Chaz Ebert and Steve James about making the documentary.
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The man was a goddamned national treasure, and I'm glad he lived long enough for everyone to realize it.
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Saw it at EbertFest this year and had a hard time not tearing up given the venue and the fact that you knew Chaz was a few rows over watching it with us.
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Oh and they ran this little trailer before each movie this year that has a bigger version of the "empathy machine" quote. What he says there about film is really true for all good works of art or should be true.
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Ebert was so great and Steve James makes such good documentaries. I expect this to be really excellent. I hadn't realized it's going to roll out on demand, which will work out well for me. Thanks for the tip!
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They haven't posted the episode yet, but Chaz and Steve were on Fresh Air today, and it was really, really good. A lot of very honest talk, some of it pretty hard to listen to.
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