The Sexiest Baritone Hunks from Opera
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Barihunks. A blog about hunky baritones. That is all.
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mmmmmmm, Dmitri Hvorostovsky, mmmmmmmmmm
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I love this! Thank you. For those worried about the frivolity of the blog, I noticed it also functions as an informal performance calendar for said barihunks and other opera singers. Their mission is stated as:

1. To promote baritones and basses, especially emerging talent.
2. To financially assist singers and promote opera through the sale of our calendar and tee shirts.
3. To make opera competitive with television and movies, by making it appealing to new audiences.
4. To promote good health and self-esteem. A great voice coupled with a healthy life-style prolongs careers.
5. Keep opera positive! No bitchiness allowed! This industry is tough enough.
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It's been around for several years, which means lots of archival goodness. And I'm happy to see a tribute to one of my favorites, Samuel Ramey. Good times.
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I think that my school acquaintance from way back when Tom Meglioranza certainly qualifies. I remember him to be a really sweet, humble guy.
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Despite coming from a family that's lousy with classical musicians, I find that opera is not a form of art I enjoy much. (I have tried. Believe me, I have tried. I have sat through sooooooo many family-related performances of pieces by various composers. Aside from a few scattered examples, it's just not my thing.)

But this. Oh my. *fans self* Would you look at all those handsome men?

And not one of them is a tenor.

Excuse me, I'll be in my bunk…
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The Met Opera radio broadcasts ended 2013-2014 with a nice mini bel canto series. Lots of tenors. I especially thought Lawrence Brownlee was the cat's PJs...

Now I'm making Homer-Simpson-pondering-a-donut noises. Baaaaaaaaaaaritones.
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Looking forward to digging into this later, thanks! (I think there might be some autoplaying audio on the page, as I had to close the background tab after a few minutes).
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Two words: Nathan Gunn.
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I just sent this link to a sexy baritone I know who was with the San Diego Light Opera. I hope to see him on it someday.
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