Girls, Gills, and Great Whites
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Last year, the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy launched the Gills Club, a STEM project to jump start girls' interest in sharks and science. It's going swimmingly. For those who can't make it to club activities, Ocearch's Shark Tracker offers an opportunity to follow the travels of tagged sharks (previously). Gills Club blog.
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This is awesome and I am immediately sharing it with some parents! I've loved sharks for quite literally as long as I can remember, and 6-year-old me would have gone absolutely berserk with excitement if I'd heard of the Gills Club.

Thanks for posting this!
posted by nicodine at 9:15 AM on July 5, 2014

I'm about to head to the beach with the extended family and can't wait to share this with my daughter and her cousins!

I would love to hear mefite #93863's thoughts on this. But it looks like he hasn't been around in a while.
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It's really more of an S project.
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Good timing. A few weeks ago researchers announced that great white shark numbers are growing in both the North Atlantic and the Pacific.
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This is fantastic for both sharks and budding scientists. I love engagement like this.
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