Soothing Sounds of Jazz... with rain
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Jazz and Rain Feeling stressed? Listen to some cool jazz and the relaxing sound of rain.
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It's 4am here. Thank you.
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"Jazz" and Rain.
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Kenny G.'s playing Endless Love. The sky is dark. My roof's leaking.
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Interesting. Even after adjusting the volume, I have rain and thunder, but no jazz. Which is fine with me.
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Excellent timing. I was getting slightly tired of Coffitivity as working soundtrack.
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Hmmmm... the jazz is pretty hit or miss I agree. It was playing some good stuff about an hour ago. I swear!
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I'm on hold with my bank and I need to pee.
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I have a really, really hard time sleeping in hotel rooms when I travel for work (which is, thankfully, only a few times per year). I got the idea to bring my tablet with a white noise app - it was great, but it wasn't quite able to get to the right volume to block out the stupid elevator down the hallway. I was cranky for the entire stay.

The next time I travelled, I brought my laptop and found a free site (donations only) that had a white noise generator mixed with gentle rain noises (no thunder). It was a really fantastic cover for all the noise - I heard NOTHING. I fell asleep almost instantly.. and BOLTED AWAKE an hour later when the gentle white noise somehow switched to a waterfall with loud, screaming bird sounds accompanying it.

And so, I will never, ever trust a web site to help me relax again.
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VioletU: you should try this one. Procedural, infinite, no surprises and you can customize it quite a bit.
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It's 2:46 in the am, and you're listening to the Quiet Storm on WXLN. Be safe out there, lovers.
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I used to listen to Rainy Cafe once I grew so used to certain patterns in Coffeetivity that I would brace for the one cellphone that went off about 3/4 through. Really helped for NaNoWriMo.
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Ahhh. The rain is nice. I'd like to have a little more thunder, but that's fine. No "jazz," though. I'd prefer jazz.
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Playing coffitivity and jazzandrain at the same time is starting to put me there.
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Kenny G's playing
Music darkens soul and sky
My roof is leaking
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All of the advantages of christianity and alcohol but none of the defects!
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Well I went into a jazz bank
To take out a jazz loan
posted by thelonius at 2:15 AM on July 8, 2014

I'm now listening to Jazz and Rain, Coffeetivity & RainNoise all at once... The three overlaid is actually quite pleasant, though probably not helping productivity much. Not thundery enough rain noises on Jazz and Rain for me. Quiet computer rain just reminds me of a malfunctioning suburban water feature.
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someone mentioned kenny g so i won't click on this, but i did wanna say that i've done this for myself a few times -- picked out a none-too-excitable 60s blue note album in itunes, say, and a half-hour rainstorm mp3 in the ol' quicktime player. *perfect* combination for an hourlong writing session.
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well this is really quite good! I like that the jazz doesn't end, whereas on Rainy Mood only a single song plays.

My go-to for productivity is Rainy Mood + Hatnote
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