Aunties with swag
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Upping the Aunty, a photography project by Indian-born, Toronto-raised artist Meera Sethi

More about the project: "In South Asian culture, an aunty may or may not be a biological relation. She may be a friend of the family or a stranger. But if she is older than you – old enough to be your mother’s friend – then she is accorded the status of aunty. Neither our mothers nor part of our peer group, aunties may be trusted confidantes or gatekeepers of social decorum. With the new work, I will pay homage to the fabulousness of aunty style and the importance of their role as transmitters of social and cultural knowledge and practices."
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it's a great concept. Aunties are such an institution, I could read a stream of good auntie stories w/ photos! But these photos on their own didn't do much for me. Just average middle-aged Indian women in the street for the most part. Kinda let down here. The sun hats and sunglasses were cute tho.
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Aunties rock the lush textiles.
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Seems to be something vaguely similar in the Southeast US. Your mother's best girlfriends would often be designated as "Aunt Foo" not "Ms Foo", and if you got out of line they'd chastise you just like your mother would, and you knew it. I'm not a sociologist, but they seem to serve equal parts someone to talk to who's a safe adult but not your parents and an example for interpersonal relationships less formal than parent-child. Many a first alcoholic drink is provided by an aunt.
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MY favorite is wearing a baseball cap.
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Gatekeepers of social decorum, lol.

I got married when I was broke and still in college. The plan was to rent a hall and a group of friends would cater it for us. My mom approached an auntie of mine who owned a restaurant about renting her place, but instead she generously gave us the use of it on her closed day. We brought all the supplies, our dear friends cooked, the reception went off swell. At the end of the evening, auntie searched my friends ' handbags for silverware.

I think we're even.
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yeah it's a great concept but doesn't talk about the culture of Aunties at all much.
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Neat find, thanks for posting! Since it does focus mostly on style, I'd like to leave another link here that celebrates older women's fashion sense - advancedstyle.
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