Mosselsmurfen Go!
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Vader Abraham [previously] is a beloved Dutch singer, who at the ripe age of 79 has been credited with a staggering 1600 songs and is best known for singing the original Smurfs theme song. De Mosselman [previously] is a 90s-era Dutch happy hardcore artist who's most famous work is... well, this. What do you get when you bring the two together? Possibly the weirdest, most wonderful dance collaboration of the century.
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This would make a good national anthem for somewhere.
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I swear back in my rave days I heard a HHC remix of the Smurfs theme song. More than one, probably; theme songs from kids' shows were popular remix fodder in the HHC world.

Also now I just have to put on Happy 2B Hardcore 3 and bounce around my living room like a Gummy Bear (the theme song to which I know I heard at a party once).
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I'm so confused. I grew up in China knowing this as the Smurf theme song. (No wonder when I play this for my daughter, my American husband doesn't recognize it.)
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If you came to this post for the Dutch gutturals, may I present them in Rap form?
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I enjoyed this way more than I probably should. Growing up in the Netherlands, Vader Abraham and his unique blend of schmaltz and saccharine (ew) was everywhere... Looks like he has a sense of humor about it.
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You can always practice your Dutch A-B-C with Extince.
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