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érrorplan is a web site apparently set up by unhappy top-tier Aeroplan members documenting Air Canada's poor service and diminishing benefits to their best customers. Air Canada, as you might imagine, is none too happy about it — especially since thousands of érrorplan brochures have been found in their airplanes and airport lounges around the world. (Frequent fliers indeed.) The airline is trying to track them down and stop them — on the grounds that érrorplan is using their intellectual property. Bye bye, air miles.
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Tyler Durden would be so proud.
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"Ass or crotch???"...

But seriously... I am about to fly to Europe on Air Canada and new to the Aeroplan program. I have had some difficulties in scheduling and attempted to make my changes to my flight schedule. The least expensive and most inconvenient solution was $800Cdn in order to change my flight. Needless to say, this did not make me happy.

Had I chosen another airline, like Air France, the change would have been $100Cdn and I would have happily paid it.

I will not be travelling Air Canada in future.

And again I ask...

"Ass or crotch???"
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