García Márquez and Kurosawa.
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In October 1990, Colombian novelist Gabriel García Márquez visited Tokyo during the shooting of Akira Kurosawa’s penultimate feature, Rhapsody in August. García Márquez, who spent some years in Bogota as a film critic before penning landmark novels such as One Hundred Years of Solitude and Love in the Time of Cholera, spoke with Kurosawa for over six hours on a number of subjects.
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Thank you for posting this, I really needed it, especially Kurosawa on intent and preconceptions.
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Two treasures, these men.
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A wonderful interview. A differently nuanced view on the dropping of The Bombs on Japan. Now I have to see Red Beard.
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Fantastic. Does anyone know if this was conducted in English? Or did one of the men speak the other's language? Or was it through an interpreter?
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when the shooting starts, even Christ and the angels turn into military chiefs of staff.

Holy shit that is some Serious Wisdom Relevant To Today's News right there.

And yeah, Kurosawa's Red Beard just leaped to the top of my list, for sure.
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Wow, this is great. Thank you.
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The more I hear of and see Kurosawa, the more I'm fascinated. Don't stop at Red Beard.
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Magic Journalism
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