"Life is breaking up the team"
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Brat packer sends brat packing...

...off to college. "It’s me who has become a boy again. All my heavy-chested sadness, loss and longing to hold on to things as they used to be are back, sweeping over me as they did when I was a child."

Yes, this means that you are also officially Old.
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That's a nice piece. Rob sounds like a nice guy, nice dad, &c.
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Oh that's sweet. Nicely written.

In front of Matthew I’m doing some of the best acting of my career.

That's love right there. Is there anyone who's loved a child who can't identify with that?

Also, what kind of deal with the devil did Rob Lowe make? I would hate to see what the portrait in his attic looks like.
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Ah, Rob Lowe nails it. Dammit. Time flies like an arrow.
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Rob Lowe is made of more than his fair share of Good Guy.

Except the part where he named his second son Johnowen.
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You people should seriously read Stories I Only Tell My Friends, his first memoir. One, he can actually write; and two, he's significantly more self aware than you'd expect.

My favorite aspects involve his memories of growing up down the street from his pals Emilio and Carlos Estevez. Their old man was an actor, but in those days they weren't quite so rich as to escape an upper-middle-class hood. Also, he was the scary dad in the neighborhood, which makes sense giving the time frame.

Years later, "scary old man Estevez" had advice for young Mr Lowe on the subject of working for Coppola. And, of course, even more years later, they'd actually work together on The West Wing, which I'm sure was pretty cool for them.

Anyway, read the book. I never thought I'd endorse a celeb memoir, but this one's worth your time.
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As my high school yearbooks are 10 feet away from where I am now, here's his senior photo from my 1979 Santa Monica High School yearbook (no, I didn't know him - there were 3000 students at the school).
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Oh. Well, thank god he's aged somewhat.
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That was really, really thoughtfully and carefully written. The man can write.
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After I went off to college, my mom sat on my bed every day for months and just wept. I didn't know this until my dad told me years later. I had no idea because when I left I was a selfish 17 year old. I still get a lump in my throat thinking about it.

This article helped me understand what she went through a little better. I am going to call her right now.
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There is actually a phenomenon I have dubbed the Rob Lowe Wall, which is where an actor (seemingly overnight) goes from looking like a Ken doll to having just enough age and character to his face that he quadruples in attractiveness. Rob Lowe hit the Rob Lowe Wall first and best, which is why I named it after him.

(also, he was a god damned revelation on Parks and Rec. "Way to be, duck!")
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ShooBoo, could that be a different Rob(ert) Lowe? This picture says he graduated in '82.
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Time flies like an arrow.

But fruit flies like a banana.

not a dad myself, I just like to tell dad jokes.
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Yeah, I second that Rob Lowe does a darned good job of writing. I need to get around to buying Love Life one of these days.
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When the Caller ID says its one of those semi-scammy 'yeah, we totally are a charity that, uh, gives cash to, uh, kids and stuff' on the other end, I answer the phone with "Rob Lowe Appreciation Society, Northeast Division!" and then only want to talk about Rob Lowe, wonder why they are calling the number that only Rob should have, if Rob is in trouble, are they hurting Rob, and could you please put Rob on the line so he can he's okay.

This backfired when, after hanging up, one of them called back and said, "It's me, Rob Lowe. Give me fucking money." I was all like, "Rob, you got in trouble due to fucking money before." and they didn't care, forcing me into tears as they described the level of depravity that Rob would get up to with money in theory earmarked for firefighter's dogs with leukemia.
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Yeah - that is a photo of the wrong Rob Lowe (which explains why it doesn't look especially like him). Here's his junior photo from the 1981 yearbook (and yes, it clearly is him).
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I read this a few months ago and loved it. I'm a big fan.
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Where's his kid going?
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Oh god. 21 days until we send Miss Squirrel off to college. It will be more traumatic for me than her.
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This was literally the best piece on sending your kid off to college I've read today.
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The first book is great (I got it given after a recommendation here on mefi actually), the second one - not so much... And yeah, he's handsome on camera but actually really tiny in real life. But then, if a visit to Madam Tussaud's has taught us anything it's that famous people are *small*.
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In front of Matthew I’m doing some of the best acting of my career. I smile like a jack-o’-lantern and affect a breezy, casual manner. Positive sentences only and nothing but enthusiasm framing my answers to Matthew’s questions.

Awwww. And we know he does that well, because Chris Traeger.
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That was really lovely.
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Can we now finally forgive Rob Lowe for his role in the Worst Oscars Musical Number Ever? (We've never forgiven Snow White - she's excluded from the new Disney cartoon series starring the 7 dwarfs)
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That was a lovely little piece. Seems like I could do worse than check out his other stuff as well.
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I like that Rob Lowe is writing for Family Circle. Like, this sort of celebrity writing is usually found on, I dunno, Esquire? or Vanity Fair?

I mean, my mum subscribed to Family Circle in the 80s.

Full of nice surprises, Rob Lowe.
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"famous people are *small*."

Lots of them are small, but also proportioned in such a way that their stature is super surprising when/if you see them out of "famous" context.

I met Grant Imahara on the JoCo cruise this year. You could damn near put him in your pocket, but I'd never noticed that watching a million episodes of Mythbusters.

Super nice guy, fwiw.
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Very eloquent and timeless. I imagine parents of all generations will be able to relate to it.
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If you guys are liking Rob Lowe you should look for his episode of the series Who Do You Think You Are? As he tries to find the ancestor who family legend says fought in the Revolutionary War....it's one of my favorites.
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Um... That article was almost word for word his introduction to "Love Life" (2nd memoirs). Still good, but if you can't write anything original, perhaps you shouldn't be writing.
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That article was almost word for word his introduction to "Love Life" (2nd memoirs).

Hm. I wonder why that information wasn't appended to the article?

if you can't write anything original, perhaps you shouldn't be writing.

That's a bit harsh. (I'm assuming neither of his memoirs - the first of which has very positive reviews - were ghost-written.)
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