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Musician Charles Cohen (previously) hosts a workshop at Berlin's Schneidersladen, demonstrating the use of the rare and recently re-released Buchla Music Easel
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This is just astoundingly great. Thanks.
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Oh yes. This is exciting...I made sounds on an oberheim 4-voice on my lunch break today. A music easel is on my bucket list...
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For reference, here is the Buchla Easel for sale on the Buchla online shop - $4k.

Looking around, there's a nice article on resident advisor about Cohen in addition to the info (and personal reminiscences) in the previously. Thanks!
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Oh, I did two long sets with Charles in or around 2000... let me find them...

Uploaded to SoundCloud for your listening pleasure...

Charles is a super musician and also a really decent person. Very diffident and self-effacing, and such a good listener!
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Cohen is one of my musical heroes, and a gig we shared fifteen years ago sent my musical output in a whole new direction. His touch and delicacy with sound is barely short of miraculous.

It's worth noting, though, that while we electronic musicians love to fetishize our dream gear, it's not the Easel you're hearing when you hear Cohen. The Music Easel is an extraordinarily expensive piece of equipment that is also extraordinarily limited, and Charles takes those limitations as an inspiration for developing virtuosity within that closed ecosystem. The Music Easel is neat, and Buchla will sell as many as they can build to a lot of well-heeled people who will add them to their seldom-used museum-grade studio collections, but if you really aspire to making music on Cohen's plane, watch him closely and ignore the shiny.
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