Charles Darwin's Beagle library
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Charles Darwin's Beagle library "As a research vessel HMS Beagle may not have had the internet, but she did have an impressive state-of-the-art library of about 400 volumes. " (via)
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Makes me wonder what 400 volumes the library of the USS Metafilter would have on it's Alpha Centauri colonization mission.
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His beagle had a library? That's evolution.
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I love stuff like this, thanks.
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So much for packing light, huh? Diva.
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Serious question: wouldn't the sea air and humidity damage the tomes?
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Oh, there's links to scanned copies of the books as well!
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Renoroc - well, it certainly wouldn't be ideal for the books, but shouldn't be any (or much) worse than most coastal areas, or even inland areas which typically have high temperatures and humidity.

(I'm a book conservator by profession.)
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I'm not a conservator (although I know a few), but I'd also point out that books spend most of their time closed, so the air can only attack around the edges (and many of these may have had gilt edges, too). Plus, this being a ship, I'd wager the books weren't just sitting on open shelves but in a cabinet of some kind, which would probably help a bit.
Anyway, I appreciate your concern for the books, but this was Darwin, after all. If the dude had insisted on no brown M&Ms in his quarters, it would have been worth the effort. Not that anyone knew that at the time, of course.
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meta (kinda)
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Funny to think all these titles could be zipped for a single download, and that download would probably take as much time as getting some coffee.
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LibraryThing has 'legacy libraries' for Darwin and for Beagle itself, though both are apparently incomplete.
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